While in transit people really do get lost
on the train
in a headphone spell
she’s simply listening to a friend
In between points of destiny, sailing on a captured cloud
we are spiders in the drawing room
with no one to bring us cakes or tea

Lost in daydream with her face against the windowpane
Sweeping currents pull each building in and out of frame
Wide eyed children wonder why nobody else is scared
Placid people passively careening through the air

Take, for instance, the man with the tilted felt hat
he has flowers
and a bruise on his arm
perhaps they are for somebody he loves
Sift once more through your notebook
find a page with an empty space
Is it fair to openly stare
at a stranger sleeping in a public space?

Night has fallen as we swim beside the freeway lights
Chinese dragon staring with a thousand lantern eyes
Beast of fancy, boldly roaring metal animal
Adaptation of the pure unnatural