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Fri, 12/15 at 7:30 pm - 10:00 pm


At the Lost Church SF (full address)


Price: $20

TICKET LINK: $20 now, $25 later on

John Brothers Piano Company
Hidden gems of the Bay Area music scene, these multi-instrumentalists blend incisive compositions with unrestrained improvisation led by inimitable composer/piano player John Thatcher Boomer. Jazz, classical and folk influences, playful trumpet and clarinet lines and skillful drums combine with potent imagination for a live sound that will leave you amped and inspired. https://youtu.be/VWZRD2xgRrk?t=25

La Dee Da
Oakland-based trio La Dee Da welcomes you to a dreamworld where ethereal vocals, humor, and insight sparkle into song. Piano, bass and intricate drums back songwriter Rosie Steffy’s voice for a sound that shifts from R&B to prog rock to electronica-inspired renditions of Balkan folk music, all with a delicious dose of whimsy and skill.

Map and Address

988 Columbus Avenue
San Francisco